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'Tiger' set to inspire British BAME audience

'Tiger' set to inspire British BAME audience

May 29, 2020 08:09 AM
'Tiger' set to inspire British BAME audience


 'Tiger' set to inspire British BAME audience

Mickey Rourke's inspirational boxing drama 'Tiger' is all set to hit the screen hit the screens on November 2. Based on the story of Sikh boxer Pardeep Nagra, who refused to shave off his beard, the movie deals with the discrimination and racism not only he, but also other persons of colour have to endure in upholding their religious and personal sovereignty. Nagra was barred from competing in a Canadian boxing championship because of his beard, which is a mandatory article of his faith. He is played by both, Prem Singh and Michael Pugliese.

Co-written with Saurav Dutt, the movie was pitched to Academy Award nominee Rourke directly while he was boxing at a gym. He plays head coach and mentor Frank Donovan, while Janel Parrish plays Nagra's attorney. The makers hope the movie will uplift BAME audiences in the inspirational true story. Pugliese said, “Hollywood has to wake up to this. We live in a multicultural world. 'Tiger' and 'Crazy Rich Asians' are testament to what's happening in the world.” Singh said, “We hope 'Tiger' can do that for another religion and culture.”


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