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Team AKBF is coming back with a Pro Night Fight on Dec 8 in Pune

Team AKBF is coming back with a Pro Night Fight on Dec 8 in Pune

November 29, 2021 06:12 AM
Team AKBF is coming back with a Pro Night Fight on Dec 8 in Pune

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In the 21st century India, along with knowledge, science, the promotion of sports has also got the best place. Today, leaving the country, youth are making their own identity in the world. Amjad Khan is the one to inspire the youth regarding such sports and training from them. Amjad Khan is a reputed boxer. He has represented India on various global platforms. This time he is giving opportunity to new boxers.

This is organised by Team Amjad khan boxing foundation under the leadership of Amjad Khan. In the grand list of new young boxers, Rahul Kumar Thapa a Pro Record 7/4/1 amateur career national Medalist, Rahul Singh Khadku a Pro Record 2/0/0  Amateur Career nine Time's State Champion, eight Times National Medalist, Adil Rajesh Kumar Singh Pro Record a 4/0/0 Amateur Career four Times National Medalist, Arun Sharma Pro Record 2/1/0 National Medalist, Akshay Kumar Amateur Career National Champion International bronze Medalist Pro Record 2/0/0, Rakesh Lohchab Battu Amateur Career International Boxer National Medalist, Pro Record 10/2/1 , Amey Nitin Pro Record 5/4/0 Amateur Career National Medalist, has been included. Such young energetic boxers can be seen in one plateform. This would be a very great chance to see all of them in one single ring.

It is a matter of great pride that youth like Amjad are leading the present generation of the country. Along with this, new opportunities are also being provided to those who are interested in sports. The entire team of Amjad is constantly engaged in organizing creative programs and competitions. In the past, a long time has passed in the corona epidemic. People were locked in their homes and in such a situation, competitions were also stopped. There has been a huge reduction in the opportunities available to the youth. But slowly life is picking up its pace. People have almost returned to their daily activities. In view of this, the organization of sports has also started. On December 8, a boxing game event is being organized by Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation in Pune, Maharashtra. In which youth coming from different places will be given a big platform.

Describing the upcoming 8th Edition AKBF Pro Fight-Night at Arun Kumar Vaidya Stadium, Bhawani Peth, Pune, Amjad Khan said that this fight was getting postponed due to the Corona period. Which is going to be organized soon. After a long time this is going to be a big competition.The players are excited about the event as they had to wait for a long time for this event.

This upcoming fight is being organized by Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation and Sanctioned by Indian Boxing Council and Event Managed by Novozion Sports Pvt. Ltd. Truly boxers will get a good experience in this fight. Preparations are going in full swing. He says International Boxing Coach Chandan Singh as a Matchmaker and Shabeer Hamza will also contribute in the event. The sponsors for the event are emechmart, Globalexexim, AUHTEL, Red Maple Production Pvt. Ltd., NASDAA Interiors, ECRAFT MEDIA, AXG NEW GOAL.

Not only this but 8th Edition of AKBF Pro Fight Night have tremendous support of Sahil Peerzada and Talemahmadkhan D Tunvar (Chairman of TNK Group of Companies). And, Sanoj P Cheriyath (MD AUHTEL) supporting as a Hospitality Partner for the event. Golden Brother’s (Nishikant & Aakash), Mirza Farhatullah Baig, M.A. Baig, Goutham, Ali Hussain M., Kapil Dholepatti are being invited as Special Guests for the event. Interested people can be more updated by the website



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