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| Dr. Lubna Kamal

Should a slap lead to divorce

November 23, 2017 12:07 AM

Should a slap lead to divorce

By Lubna Kamal

Thappad or a slap, the movie, released few months back pushed us all into the debate whether “just a slap” should lead to divorce. The wife is expected, as usual, to forgive the husband as the society, even women, considers it trivial for a husband to slap his wife in a party.

In sharp contrast to the popular opinion, Tapsee’s character asserts that its never okay to hit a woman, not even for once. Its never okay even to expect a woman to brush “just a slap or two” under the carpet and normalize it in name of love or moving on in order to keep the marriage intact.

Nearly one and a half millennium back its was normal in Saudi Arabia to slap, whip, lash and beat wives. It was back then Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. stated that“nothing is of more benefit to the believer after taqwa than a righteous spouse”, Ibn Majah quoted. Thus raising the status of a woman from an acquired object to a human being.

Once a man asked the Prophet s.a.w. what are the rights my wife has over me. Prophet saw said that “you should feed her when you eat, clothe her when you clothe yourself, nor slap her on the face and do not revile her on separation from her except in the house”, Abu Dawood quoted. What he meant regarding wife beating was its not okay to slap a wife,even once,which was the simplest form of wife thrashing at that time.

Women should learn to bash patriarchy, whenever and wherever possible. For how long do they think they can survive being second class citizens. And no, you are not rehabilitation centres to cure eccentricities in a husband.


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